The School Garden Journal, v.1, Issue 7

You know fall is here when Napa Valley gets a light rain. I was not in town for the first drizzle of the season, but I can imagine the dewey smell. The first rain always feels so refreshing, just that little bit of moisture to capture the dust and pollen and give those drought-tolerant plants a quick drink.

Humidity brings a reprieve from the heat, but it also harbors pests. Keep an eye on your crops, especially fungus damage on cucurbits (e.g., powdery mildew). Be prepared to remove infected plants earlier than expected. This year, the fall equinox is on 9/23, but the shift in weather has already signaled senescence, the loss of cell growth and division.

Read on for more fall school garden news, events, and opportunities…

Latest Blog Post: How Do You Like Your Zs?

The Napa Valley School Garden Network is preparing to evaluate The Z Project, a garden-to-cafeteria pilot! Join the debrief conversation on September 23rd at 3:30 pm at NOSH (1360 Menlo Ave.). Tour of the new NVUSD central kitchen to follow. Growers strongly encouraged to attend. All others welcome! Not able to attend? You can read about The Z Project in the Napa Valley Register.

Community Appearances


National Heirloom Exposition

Carrie and Marisol engaged nearly 400 children with two kid-friendly activities as part of the Kids’ Pavilion hosted by the Sonoma School Garden Network on September 10-12th in Santa Rosa.

UC Master Gardeners of Napa County

Come make a “Mustard Monster” and explore more than 20 educational booths showcasing creative master gardener projects and select nonprofit organizations at the second Fall Faire on October 5th.

Featured Lesson: Decomposition Mission

Fall Gardening Resources

Professional Learning Opportunities for Teachers

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