The School Garden Journal, v.2, Issue 1

As I prepared to post the spring 2020 issue of The School Garden Journal, the list of things I want to accomplish in my garden(s) over the next month grows, as it always does this time of year. What is most unexpected, however, is the unusual circumstance of having weeks of time to do them all! So far my home gardening tasks have included dividing asparagus crowns, interplanting chives and strawberries, and trying to grow cauliflower for the first time.

Amidst the Coronavirus precautions, no school until (at least) mid-April means no school gardening either, so I’m digging in at home. If you are home and want to start seeds with kids, but can’t get a hold of any right now, email me your home address and I’ll send some in the mail from my donation overstocks. In the mean time, as one of my community garden friends likes to say, “Keep Calm and Garden On!” Definitely read on for the latest news from The School Garden Doctor.

Featured Lesson: Bulb Botany

If you missed January’s Blog Post, Bedazzled by Bulbs, you can read it here.

Stone Soup for the Body, Soul, and Society as a Whole

With flu season well underway (and a global pandemic in our midst), soup is a comforting go-to meal. Read about how three kinder teachers use soup to build a classroom community with a garden-integrated Common Core Cooking lesson.

E.V.E., a parent of one of my favorite gardeners and youth birders won the Something from Nothing cooking kit giveaway, which she plans to use as a 4H Garden-to-Table project leader. Congratulations, E.V.E! More contests and giveaways coming soon, so be on the lookout!

Community Appearances

International Women’s Day Celebration

On March 7th, nearly 250 participants gathered at the CIA @Copia to hear inspirational speakers and network with businesses and nonprofits for the 4th annual event organized by Women In Power Napa Valley. Among the take-home messages for me was from Lauren Duca, who assured women in the crowd that it is overwhelming to keep track of everything, so when it comes to working for gender equity, choose what you can opt into not out of.

Community Literacy Day [CANCELED]

Community Resources for Children annual Community Literacy Day was previously scheduled for March 14th, however, due to the current public health emergency, this event was canceled. My role was to lead a bulb-planting activity. You’ll find a spring bulb planting guide below.

Spring Gardening Resources

At home, you can start to prepare beds for planting, if you haven’t already. Directly sow carrots and onion sets. With the additional rain in March they’re sure to get a strong start.

Professional Learning Opportunities for Teachers

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