The School Garden Journal v.2, Issue 2

It doesn’t seem possible that only three months have passed since I published the spring issue of The School Garden Journal. Another change in season reminds me to take stock and look forward. Taking stock, I feel incredibly grateful for my health, my work, and, especially now, my garden. Looking forward, I muster all the hope I can to believe better days lie ahead.

In this special issue, I’ve curated resources for building resilience and confronting silence. Taken from organizations who are leading the way in the face of social inequity and racial injustice, I hope you find something of personal value for contributing to an anti-racist society.

from The School Garden Doctor:

Growing Gardens as a Metaphor for Hope

Mission-Aligned Resources

Enhancing STEM Education (for All)

  • The Big Garden boasts a diverse team to reach their mission to “cultivate food security by developing community gardens, creating opportunities to serve, and providing education on issues related to hunger.” Their garden-to-table initiative highlights STEAM education.
  • The Citizen Science Association (CSA)’s Integrity, Diversity, and Equity Working Group compiled resources including the 2018 NSF STEM for ALL video showcase Public’s Choice award winner, Community Perspectives: Transforming Science to Benefit ALL.

Nurturing Wellness (and Healing Trauma)

Fostering (Equitable) Environmental Literacy

  • Be sure to check out the podcast “Black in Nature” which can be found on the NAAEE Equity Resources page.
  • BEETLES shared this Listly material related to justice, equity, race and racism in environmental education.

Other Featured Resources

Voices in Support of Social Justice and Racial Equity

Of the more than a dozen email updates I’ve received from organizations that I look to for guidance, here are some of the voices I choose to elevate:

Food Tank: 22 Individuals and Organizations Building Stronger Black Communities and Food Systems

In the spirit of equal representation (all but one of the statements above came from organizations led by white women), here are some folks doing food justice work right here in California:

If there is a resource you would like to recommend for inclusion, please contact me at

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Established in 2018 to sustain school gardens in the 21st century.

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