Programs & Projects


Exploring and investigating in a garden fosters curiosity and promotes scientific habits of mind.


Gardening supports mental and physical health and contributes to overall wellbeing.


Connecting with nature teaches how care for ourselves and the Earth.

We reach teachers, schools, and the community through multiple programs and projects:

School Garden Learning Network

A longstanding grassroots collective dedicated to sustaining school gardens in Napa County.

Dirt Girls Outdoor Science

Only 14.3% of parents surveyed in 2021 reported that their daughters have sufficient opportunities to learn science in and outside of school. Dirt Girls invites youth aged 8-11 to explore their science identities and develop science identities through horticultural science.

Common Core Cooking Curriculum

Teachers have a lot on their metaphorical plates, yet they are also uniquely positioned to make deep and explicit connections between food and core academic subjects. Common Core Cooking increases the likelihood that classroom teachers can fit food education into their daily instruction.

Youth Birding Events

Birdwatching is an excellent way to learn about habitat, seasonal cycles, interdependence, and human impact. Youth Birding Events bring the joy of birding to local schoolyards, gardens and parks, which are ideal locations for birding.

Grant Collaborations

USDA Farm-to-School Grant with the Napa County Office of Education | Watershed Education Programs with the Napa Resource Conservation District.

My daughter was captivated by the Dirt Girls program, falling in love with all the plants she learned to cultivate.  Because of the spark ignited in her, she dreams of being a naturalist one day!

Jennifer LaMonte, Parent (and NVUSD Teacher)

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