Youth Birding

Evolved from dinosaurs, birds are the only class of animals of which most members fly.

Birds represent a link to both our natural environment and to the possibility of freedom to soar without boundaries.

Rue Mapp, Founder, Outdoor Afro

Youth Birding is available as an after school club, professional learning opportunity, or garden design service.

Email The School Garden Doctor at for rates and availability.

Birding Basics

In this four-part series produced by Curiosity Kids teaches how make DIY binoculars, find a quiet birdwatching sit spot, identify birds, and attract birds to your backyard or school garden.

from Gleaning the Field

Being a Curious Birder

November 17, 2020

Birdwatching is a relaxing hobby that brings humans closer to nature.

Christmas Bird Count

DECEMBER 17, 2018

Humans have a long history of bird observation. The first Christmas Bird Count was in 1900 and persists today.

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