All gardens have weedy patches or broken tools. We aim to foster a growth mindset to sustaining school gardens.

The School Garden Doctor focuses on positive attributes of a garden and works to maximize the learning potential of a space. We embrace collaboration and a collective decision making to eliminate barriers to sustaining well-loved gardens. Our approach is:

  • Community Minded
  • Asset Focused
  • Consensus Driven

The School Garden Doctor was founded in 2018 by Carrie Strohl, whose vision is to support gardens that thrive–not just survive. With a Ph.D. in education, Carrie promotes an evidence-based approach to direct service, curricular integration, and professional learning. She is active member of the Napa community, often volunteering time and expertise to benefit other nonprofit or civic organizations.

The School Garden Doctor recently celebrated our third anniversary and we are actively seeking thought partners, community members, and colleagues to join our volunteer Board of Directors. We welcome innovative thinkers to develop a strategic plan to refine our programs and grow our impact over the next three years.

Currently recruiting new Board Members!

Are you looking to contribute time or expertise to a growing nonprofit?

The School Garden Doctor’s leadership, organizational skills and expertise in the field of garden-based learning helped to create meaningful relationships and sustainable change in the way school gardens are utilized and approached within the district.

Asha Levert-Mcdowell, Napa County Office of Education Community Programs

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