National Conference Presentation: Gender Equity & Empowerment

About a week ago, I returned from Madison, WI, where the American Horticultural Society held the 27th annual National Children and Youth Gardening Symposium. The theme of this year’s conference was Building Blocks for a Sustainable Future. As a first-time attendee and presenter, I was thoroughly impressed with the range of thematic topics and events and honored to be part of the schedule.

The primary reason I attend conferences is to solicit peer input about how I implement evidence-based practices to sustain school gardens in the 21st century. My presentation, Dirt Girls to the Rescue! Gender Equity and Empowerment, was well received by a generous audience that included an 11-year old dirt girl!

It’s alway a treat to visit my home state, but when coupled with a fantastic opportunity like the NCYGS, I feel even more fortunate to network with likeminded school garden enthusiasts.

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3 thoughts on “National Conference Presentation: Gender Equity & Empowerment

  1. Great video, great graphics!! This needs to be universally distributed ASAP. It’s so clear and visual and easy to understand, everyone from kindergarten to Washington can “get it!”


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