The School Garden Journal, v.2, Issue 3

The autumnal equinox takes place in Napa, CA on September 22nd at 6:30 am. On that day there are approximately equal (12) hours each of daylight and nighttime, signaling a shift from the dog days of summer. Here in Northern California, where the LNU and the August Complexes have burned well over a million acres,Continue reading “The School Garden Journal, v.2, Issue 3”

The School Garden Journal, v.1, Issue 7

You know fall is here when Napa Valley gets a light rain. I was not in town for the first drizzle of the season, but I can imagine the dewey smell. The first rain always feels so refreshing, just that little bit of moisture to capture the dust and pollen and give those drought-tolerant plantsContinue reading “The School Garden Journal, v.1, Issue 7”