The School Garden Journal v.2, Issue 2

It doesn’t seem possible that only three months have passed since I published the spring issue of The School Garden Journal. Another change in season reminds me to take stock and look forward. Taking stock, I feel incredibly grateful for my health, my work, and, especially now, my garden. Looking forward, I muster all theContinue reading “The School Garden Journal v.2, Issue 2”

The School Garden Journal, v.1, Issue 6

It’s my favorite day of the year: the summer solstice! Like plants, I really like light. Nothing motivates me more than a long, sunny day! As the official kickoff of summer, June 21st will enjoy a 14-hour-and-46-minute-day length in Northern California.That’s a lot of time to photosynthesize the sun’s energy. It’s also a great timeContinue reading “The School Garden Journal, v.1, Issue 6”